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Discontinued - limited stock available, thereafter, BELT38 is the closest alternative.

Fits Akai AP001, Eagle D7500, Hitachi HT101, HT205, HT20S, SDT2680R, JVC 33L, E10816, JL20, JLA1, JLA15, JLA20, JLA21, L-AX11B, LT11, GL500, KD3022, Lenco L90, Marantz TT143, TT153, Mitsubishi MC7500 m/c ( BELT6), NAD 101, Numark, Onkyo Multi AC60, Panasonic 634, SL19, SL19G, SL41, SLH304, SJY3022, SGX10, SG3000, SG240, SG1030L, SG2200, SG2080L, SP510, Philips 685 MkII MK2, FP320, Pioneer PL12D, PL112D, PL15D, PL115D, PL2000, PL514, Rotel RP1300, RP1144, RP310, RP400, Sanyo SG4000, G2002, Sharp VZ1550, VZ1900EBK, Sony HMK55, HMK70, 5520, PS1350, PS14502 Mk2, PSLX40P, PSLX46P, PSLX700P, Steepletone Croxley, Technics SL200, SL220, SLH302, SL-J11, Teleton TMC809, Toshiba SR-A25, SM3150, SRF225, SR-V11, Trio KP2022A and others.

Replacement flat section Butadiene rubber drive belt to fit many hi-fi turntables and other diverse units; eg tape recorders, cassette decks, 8 track, VCRs, tools, models and toys.

  • Availability: 4 In Stock
  • Model: BELT3902 L=628mm
  • Brand: HiFi Drive Belts

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