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Replacement flat section Butadiene rubber drive belt to fit Grundig 2X4 VCR, Realistic Twin cass/karaoke (x2 2.3 2x2.6) and many hi-fi turntables and other diverse units; eg tape recorders, cassette decks, 8 track, VCRs, tools, models and toys.

Dual CS505 pitch control: As we explain in our YouTube tutorial and on our web site, the original Dual, fixed length, toothed belt is no longer available so we have tried and tested this practical alternative; BELT2. It is made of synthetic rubber, so it relies on some stretch in order for it to grip properly and drive the speed changer. Yes, this is a different method to the original but it is a practical solution which works. Dimensions:
  • Model: BELT2 L=99mm
  • Brand: HiFi Drive Belts

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