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Fits Cambridge 9106 counter ( BELT134), Elizabethan EL34 reel-to-reel, Fisher Price 826, 3800, TOT62, Hitachi DE12 ( BELT74), Pye Cambridge 9106 counter ( BELT134), Revox A77, B77, PR99 mk1 counter ( BELT66), Sanyo RD4055, Sharp SG170, SG185E music centre ( BELT43), Tandberg 3041X reel-to-reel counter ( BELT134), 3641XD counter ( BELT134), Telefunken Magnetophone 85 ( BELT19L BELT11), Toshiba GT61 reel-to-reel and others. Replacement precision ground Butadiene drive band for CD, DVD, VCR, cassette, Walkman, tape recorder, tools, models, toys and other miscellaneous items.

Diameter (internal): 88mm.
Circumference (internal): 276mm.
Cross section: 1.2mm square.
  • Model: BELT1185 L=276mm
  • Brand: HiFi Drive Belts

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