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Fits B&O Century cassette, Fisher-Price kids tough tape player, Hitachi TRK5280E (&6.5 &527), TRKW240E, ITT Studio cass, Matsui SX5105 (&74), Panasonic RXES27 boombox (&81), Philips, EL3556A/15 (&102 &129), FW-P750/22 (&87), Realistic CTR76, Sharp GF4500E, Sony FH-E705C, MN2750, Teac A170 cassette (&9.4 &525), Voightlander slide projector, Yamaha K320 (&10), K500 and others.

Replacement precision ground Butadiene drive band for CD, DVD, VCR, cassette, Walkman, tape recorder, tools, models, toys and other miscellaneous items.

Diameter (internal): 61mm.
Circumference (internal): 192mm.
Cross section: 1.2mm square.
  • Model: BELT985 L=192mm
  • Brand: HiFi Drive Belts

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