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Replacement precision ground Butadiene drive band for Decimo SD311N, Denon CDM5 CD, Hitachi TRK-W1 boombox c/w Walkman (&62 &114L), JB Systems MCD680 twin CD, Mitsubishi HS310, NAD Viso5, Scantic Harmony 17S, Sony TCS2000 pro Walkman, Striker DVD, Toshiba XRV11, XRV22 twin CD, Yamaha, CD, DVD, VCR, cassette, Walkman, tape recorder, tools, models, toys and other miscellaneous items.

Diameter (internal): 30mm.
Circumference (internal): 94mm.
Cross section: 1.0mm square.
  • Model: BELT685 L=94mm
  • Brand: HiFi Drive Belts

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